A downloadable semireal simulation for Windows

This game's idea is to imitate electric ducted fan jets, simulating what a dogfight in them would be like if they were equipped with laser pointers as score-counting technology and miniature compressed-air missiles that follow their target by following the sounds the target emits.

This simulator allows you to shoot your enemy over a LAN or internet network using a radio-controlled airplane that contains an automatically aiming laser.

Be sure to exercise power management, as flying at maximum throttle will have a battery impact. Shooting the laser will remove all power from your opponent. However, it must be aimed within an acceptable radius forwards.


  • Pitch and bank: arrow keys: < ^ >
  • Accelerate: Shift; decelerate: Z
  • Mode:  [ + ]
  • Shoot weapon: Space

To be implemented

- missiles
- waypoints and reloading
- game goals and game modes
- a proper UI
- more airplanes
- ships and aircraft carrier

Update 2

- new head-up display
- flight physics modified with lift curve
- beginning of new user interface
- addition of post-processing effects
- battery recharge at any airport
- buildings and trees added
- first global illumination render

Update 1

- basic flotation
- basic collisions
- dummy missiles
- visual radio static based on distance from airport

Install instructions

Only Windows is supported for now.

Unzip the file, and keep both the .exe and the folder in the same directory. Use the .exe to play.


RC Dogfight Simulator 0.2 101 MB
RC Dogfight Simulator 0.1 99 MB

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